LifePower Yoga Teacher Training 200-RYT  Level 1, 2 teacher training — in ongoing training with Baron Baptiste

LifePower Yoga Teacher Training 200-RYT

Level 1, 2 teacher training — in ongoing training with Baron Baptiste


I have lived most of my life playing small. Through my yoga practice, I have had to let go of those things holding me back – a career I hid behind, relationships that no longer served me, societal stereotypes that I expected myself to live up to as a mother, wife and woman.

My inner voice has been begging me to play BIG – to be AUTHENTIC — no matter what anyone thinks.I am a student of this practice just like you.

Pushing myself to my edge and finding some comfort there on the mat has gotten me to this point. Authentic Yoga Life IS my edge.

I created this place to hold me accountable to staying PRESENT, playing BIG and being REAL.

I hope you find AYL to be the safe, supportive space that challenges you to explore all of the beautiful possibilities that are uniquely yours. Hold yourself accountable — we’ll do the same. Doesn’t your life deserve it?

Authentic is the perfect place to cleanse your body and mind through a regular yoga practice. The heat only helps you reach your max, and the teachers are great guides as you learn to drop your ego and get present.
— Alyssa S.
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Audrey, RYT-200

After struggling with anxiety and eating disorders, I found yoga ten years ago and experienced so much healing. I especially love Baptiste yoga because the focus on engaging, strengthening, and integrating your body while letting go of all the ways your mind holds you back has helped me claim my personal power. This practice allows me to feel strong in my body and clear in my mind. Authentic Yoga Life to me means belonging and that's what I hope to foster in my classes. I try to make sure my classes feel challenging but inclusive. I want you to really listen to your body-whether that's taking your plank to the next level or taking a child's pose. I will hold space for you to explore how to find whatever you need on your yoga mat.
AnaLouise, RYT-200
AnaLouise, RYT-200

I practice both power and yin yoga every day. My daily practice keeps me centered, grounded, and focused; I experience less stress, more joy, and greater mental clarity. I appreciate Baptiste power yoga because I know I’ll always get a great, full-body workout; and I love Authentic Yoga Life because it offers an inclusive, affirmative space and a friendly community.  I teach yin yoga–a gentle but rigorous practice with primarily seated or reclined poses.  Our bodies talk to us all the time, but typically we’re too busy to listen.  Yin yoga invites us to slow down and use each pose as an opportunity to learn from our bodies. In my classes, I use breath and gentle cues to encourage students to look inward and listen to their bodies.  When you take my classes, I want you to feel revitalized and relaxed, with increased mental focus, enhanced intuition, and new appreciation for your body’s wisdom.
Angie, RYT-200

I have been practicing yoga for thirteen years and teaching yoga for three years. My formal training is in the Akhanda (whole, indivisible, entire) Yoga tradition developed by Himalayan Yoga Master Yogrishi Vishvketu; I completed my 200-hr Akhanda Yoga teacher training with Divya Elting (Pensacola, FL) in 2014. In line with this tradition, my classes offer a holistic approach to yoga that combines carefully-sequenced yoga poses with breath work, chanting, and meditation. My approach also draws on years of practice and dialogue with innovative teachers including Divya Elting, Colleen Donovan-Brown, Stacey Vann, Lori Burgwyn, and Monica Shannon.    I am also an English professor at the University of North Texas. My deep appreciation for the power of stories to cultivate new understanding is closely tied to my view of yoga as a practice of deep connection with the unknown or forgotten. I value how yoga returns us to our bodies, our environment, our relationship with all beings, our core. Committing to this practice opens up new ways of being in a world much in need of love and connection.

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Kevin, RYT-200

I started coming to Authentic Yoga Life the very first week that it opened. Being sidelined with a back injury and no longer able to do the activities that I had done my entire life, I decided to give AYL a try, as a last resort. After committing to Baptiste Yoga, my back pain improved and I could get back to normal activity. My life changed forever four years ago when I had a stroke. I spent 2 weeks in the hospital and had to learn to walk again. Since I could barely stand, I thought my yoga days were over. After 4 months of physical therapy, I decided I was ready to go back to AYL to see if I could regain my balance and strength. The first day that I returned to the studio, I think people thought that I had staggered over from the bar next door. I was still having issues just walking. After committing to this practice for the second time, I slowly started to regain my balance, strength and confidence. One of my greatest physical accomplishments of my life occurred the day that I could lift one leg off the ground and balance for a split second. It was this little success that made me totally commit to growth and transformation all over again and to never give up. They AYL staff and this yoga community have helped me find and cultivate my authentic self. Life is precious and can be taken away any time. Don’t waste a single day not being your authentic self.
Marti, RYT-200

I have been practicing yoga for more than 20 years, mostly through an at home practice and occasional workshops. I wanted a change, so my first visit to Authentic Yoga Life was soon after it opened. It was evident to me after the first few classes that I had found a yoga home. Not only is the practice customizable to where I am on a daily basis, but the people I practice with are just like me, and by teaching yoga, I am able to give back some of what I have received from the studio. Authentic Yoga Life is my yoga family.
Jamitrice, RYT-200

I began practicing yoga to supplement my dancing as a form of cross training. The Baptiste flow at Authentic Yoga Life helps me work on cultivating strength and stability as well as mobility and flexibility. I felt so welcome when I first stepped into Authentic Yoga Life. I love the studio's community and inclusivity,and that's why I continue to practice and share at AYL. Yoga strengthens both body and mind, making it a great practice for any individual. Each time I practice, the poses look different in my body as they are informed by my day and experiences up to that practice; yoga challenges me to find peace in what is and to stand in my authenticity each moment on and off my mat. When I teach, I want yogis to feel that they have experienced a great workout and have found compassion and gratitude for each pose and for themselves. I am eager to share my love of yoga and teaching with others.

I love love love this yoga studio! The practice is Hot Vinyasa Power Yoga in the Baron Baptiste style. The room is intimate (fits about 14-16 people, plus instructor) and heated to about 95 degrees. The instruction is friendly and really wonderful. The patrons are open and friendly, and the atmosphere is supportive and non-competitive. You will sweat, and feel soooo good afterward. I leave class very refreshed, drenched in sweat and feeling proud and powerful! I am so glad there is finally a hot yoga studio in Denton, and highly recommend this warm and welcoming business!
— Star C.